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Nora Bachatera

Dancer, performer and instructor from Hungary, currently living and teaching in Prague, CZ, dancing salsa, bachata, kizomba and zouk.
She focuses on Bachata Styling classes mainly for women, mostly in styles of Bachata Fusion and Sensual.
She leads a semi-pro Bachata Team ( Nora Company ) - winners of 2nd place on the German International Lady Styling Championship and is also a founding member of a professional dance trio, called the Bitchateras.
She regularly organises and assists at couple bachata workshops with guest instructors (Alex Alberola (Spain), Vrajim Gandhi (Mexico), Miki Ko (Germany), etc) and also teaches / performs around Europe - Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic.

“DANCING is not only about the raw technique but also about the ATTITUDE! It is not only to impress others and it is not only for professionals. It's also joy, it's therapy, exercise, fun, self-discovery, self-expression. It's not only about performing perfect figures but also about learning about ourselves, discovering what our body is capable of and enjoying our femininity, life and the movement. Dance at home and outside, move, jump, go crazy and BE HAPPY!